As a first step, I always explore out of court solutions to resolve disputes which also helps to minimize costs. However, there are situations where aggressive advocacy is required and I am more than willing to go to court when necessary. Whatever the circumstances may be, I will provide strategy, advice and advocacy in a confidential and compassionate manner.

As an experienced litigator, I have successfully represented numerous clients in the Superior Court of Justice, the B.C. Supreme Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Family Law Litigation

My family law litigation practice focuses on:

Estate Litigation

I offer estate litigation services in the event that a Will or Power of Attorney needs to be challenged, if a Passing of Accounts is required and/or is there are claims being advanced against the estate:

Law Practice Areas

Theberge Professional Corporation is capable of meeting all the legal needs of families and individuals. My practice areas include:

For business law related practice areas please visit the business law portion of my website: