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Coming from parents who separated when I was young, one the main reasons I decided to become a lawyer was to help families through the difficult process of separation and divorce. I have learned through my own experiences and through my years of practice, that is not the separation itself which harms spouses and children but the conflict which arises from issues of custody, access, property division and child/spousal support.

As such, I strive to minimize conflict so that all of the parties can have certainty in their dealings with each other and move on with their lives as quickly as possible. As a first step, I always explore out of court solutions to resolve disputes which also helps to minimize costs. However, there are situations where aggressive advocacy is required and I am more than willing to go to court when necessary.

Whatever the circumstances may be, I will provide strategy, advice and advocacy in a confidential and compassionate manner. I can help with:

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I also practice business law and have significant experience in family law matters involving business interests:

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Theberge Law is capable of meeting all the legal needs of families, individuals and estates.

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